Who am I ?

Hiya my dear readers, I just doing an introduce for my self first. my name is Zhixian from China, and 21 years old, also you can call me Leona. In addition, I am a fashion student of International Fashion Marketing course in Coventry University London Campus. I like fashion, also like photography, and I learned painting from 6 years old. Therefore, I just have achieved a skill of composition of a picture. In the future when I graduated, I would like to work in fashion magazine company. Although I like styling, prefer to be a photographer as my dream job.

When I stared my first class, our tutor just said a word called ‘Androgyny’, and I just think it is strange but interesting. Actually I have heard about ‘Androgyny style’ before, but just in Chinese word known about that. When I in the class, that was the first time I heard name called Androgyny in English. In addition, usually I will buy some kind of androgyny items in my normal life, such as oversize shirts, coats, boot and accessorize and more. Therefore I think this course must be interesting and exciting for me, because I just like the main topic and interest in it so much.

760842924038713644        oh, it’s me !


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