How to write Literature review

In the class of this week, our tutor just teach us how to write an amazing literature review. When we do a literature review, that we should fellow some points:

  • understand the importance and purpose of the critical literature review
  • Understand how conceptual frameworks may be used to guide literature reviews
  • know what they need to include when writing a critical review;
  • be aware of the range of primary, secondary and tertiary literature sources available;
  • be able to identify key words and undertake a literature search using a range of methods;
  • be able to evaluate the relevance and sufficiency of the literature found and be able to reference the literature accurately;
  • understand what is meant by plagiarism and be able to apply  the knowledge, skills and understanding gained in their own research Project.

In addition, why is the literature review important in study? The class also showed us the reasons for reviewing the literature:

  • To conduct a ‘preliminary’ search of existing material relevant to the research question and conceptual framework
  • To organise valuable ideas and findings in line with your conceptual framework
  • To identify other research that may be in progress
  • To generate research ideas
  • To develop a critical perspective



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