Questionnaire about Androgyny

After the class learning and group meeting, our group just decided the topic and questionnaire for the coursework and started to plan it.

Our main topic is that ‘is Androgyny a macro-trend?’, and we will set up the questionnaire surrounding this. In the questionnaire, we will focus on London market to collect some primary data in short term. After the group discussing, we think that we need to use 2 or 3 normal questions and 3 or 4 specific questions about androgyny. Therefore I decided to set up two normal questions, which are asking occupation and gender. On the other side other four specific questions are about the way to know androgyny style, the perspective for androgyny clothes, the popularity of different androgyny items and ‘do you think androgyny is a macro trend’ as a main question. In addition, we will put our questionnaire online, such as Facebook and Twitter. However also we could send it to our friends and other classmates to collect data.

In our group, we also selected one look of androgyny style from Celine’s show, which contains a jacket, a pair of trousers and a oversize shirt. However, we will mainly focus on the color and materials in each store. Moreover, we also selected four located stores, they are H&M, Zara, COS and Celine.



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