Final Questionnaire about Androgyny

This is final surey details of my questionnaire and specific questions about Androgyny, and also here is the online survey :


Q1: What is your occupation?



Q2: What is your gender?

– Female

– Male


Q3: How do you know the Androgyny style? (multiple choice)

– Fashion show

– Fashion magazine

– Street style

– Movie and television play

– Others

– Never know about Androgyny


Q4: What is your perspective for Androgyny clothes?

– Fashion

– Disgusting

– No opinion



Q5: Do you think Androgyny is a macro trend?

– Yes, it is.

– No, I don’t think so.

– Maybe


Q6: Which kind of Androgynous items would you prefer to choose? (multiple choice)

– Oversize shirts

– Jackets and coats

– Boots

– Accessories

– Bags

– Others

– I don’t like Androgyny items


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