Chris Lee__a top star in China

Chris Lee, in Chinese is Yuchun Li and born in 1984 from Chengdu. She is a Chinese singer, songwriter, actress, director, fashion icon and philanthropist. Moreover, she has became one of the Chinese top pop stars after winning a nationally televised talent contest in 2005.(BOF, 2016) Even subsequently at least 52 top songs in China. In addition, she is a popular fashion muse in China,  and stars in Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign by Riccardo Tisci , alongside industry icons and models of the moment including Donatella Versace , Candice Swanepoel, Frankie Rayder and Stella Lucia.(BOF, 2016)

In addition, Chris Lee’s androgynous look has also been a source of appeal for many fashion houses, including Givenchy.(TFL, 2015)


Why the Chris Lee x Givenchy partnership, in particular? Well, she’s huge in China and Givenchy, which has been actively seeking out new ground for growth, needs to penetrate that market.




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