Research Finding for Androgyny Trend

In this study, a survey has been made on the topic of androgyny style. 43 participants have been recruited for this research. Females have comprised of a large proportion. The interviewee pool is chosen with non-probability sampling method for the convenience of researcher (Fowler, 2013). Apart from the questions asking about the basic information, there are four questions involving the androgyny style.

The first question is to inquire about the sources of participants’ knowledge about androgyny style. There are six options: fashion show, fashion magazine, street style, movie and television play, others, and ‘never know about it’. Fashion show, movie and television play, and fashion magazine could be generalized as one classification, which is media(Kim & Ko, 2012). Clearly, the major sources for participants’ knowledge about androgyny are media and recognition of street styles. To be noticed, there are 8 participants who have never known about it, which is 18.6% of the 43 participant pool.

Participants’ perspectives about androgyny clothes are divided into two parts: ‘it is fashion’ and ‘no opinion’. People with former opinion have taken up a large proportion. However, there are still nearly 40% of them have no opinion about this style.

For the question that if androgyny is a macro trend, most participants choose the answers of ‘no’ and ‘maybe’. These two sections have comprised over 70% of the total number. This result is compatible with the result of the first question. Nearly 20% of the participants have no knowledge about this trend. And among those who know about it, most of them believe it is the macro trend.

The last question inquires about participants’ choice of androgyny items. It is shown that oversize shirts, jacket and coats, and boots are the most popular androgyny items. The oversize shirts have received constant attention and had high level of popularity. Many fashion bloggers would promote it as the boyfriend style.


In addition, four fashion brands have been chosen to analyze for their investments and attentions in the androgyny style. The four brands are ZARA, H&M, COS and Celine. ZARA and H&M are fast-fashion brands, whose selling points include cheap price, plenty of choices, and fashionable design. COS has a different orientation from the previous two brands. COS is recognized by its androgyny characteristics and it does not sell items of other styles. Its pricing strategy is also different from ZARA and H&M. Celine represents the high-end market.

This study has selected one look of androgyny style, which contains a jacket, a pair of trousers, and a oversize shirt. In lateral comparison, each of these brands have similar androgynous items, and ZARA has more choices than others. For jackets and trousers, each brand has its own specific colors. But for the androgynous shirts, all of these brands’ items are white oversize shirts. The jackets of them have different decoration designs: Celine has checked jacket and others have striped jackets. All of them have clothes of mix materials.


Fowler Jr, F.J., 2013. Survey research methods. Sage publications. Kim, A.J.and Ko, E., 2012.Do social media marketing activities enhance customer equity? An empirical study of luxury fashion brand. Journal of Business Research, 65(10), pp.1480-1486.


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