Androgynous hairstyle

Androgynous hairstyles have become more accepted now than ever before. However, models like Rain Dove and Erika Linder, and actresses like Ruby Rose and Tilda Swinton that they all have definitely normalized androgynous styles and helped pave the way for more people to explore gender and fashion.(Bunton, 2016) In addition, They have also given major hair and fashion inspiration.

If you think cut hair to androgynous style that could make you more confident, just do that! There is a video followed in the blog to teach you how to make an amazing androgynous hairstyle in one minute.

This video was posted by BuzzFeedYellow on YouTube in 2016.




Bunton, S. (2016). 9 Androgynous Hairstyle Tips That Will Give Your Hair An All-New Vibe. [online] Romper. Available at: [Accessed 27 Nov. 2016].

BuzzFeedYellow, (2016). 9 Androgynous Hairstyles In 60 Seconds (feat. Madison from District Salon). [online] YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 27 Nov. 2016].


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