Androgyny is a macro trend

Androgyny is a macro trend

Androgyny has a significant position in the fashion history and its importance has never ceased.(Lalovic, 2013) Nowadays, androgyny is no longer just a fashion style. It has influenced the society and the culture. To people who are less passionate about fashion, they may consider androgyny as a rebellious attempt by young women. But in fact, androgynous characteristics such as enlarged shoulder pads and pantsuits have long been integrated with people’s everyday style. The popularity of power dressing is an aftermath and also an impulsion for the macro trend of androgyny. Power dressing is the need for professional women who want to demonstrate their competency and professionalism through the way they dress. In reverse, the gradually achieved power of these professional women helps to promote the androgyny style.


Customer profile board

The customers who favor the androgyny style have distinct characteristics. The majority of these customers are young female, and they have higher demands for fashionable looks. Besides in comparison with other fashion style, the dressers of androgyny tend to have stronger awareness of self-identity. The androgynous clothes they wear are more than just garments, they are the symbols of their self-determined characteristics:

the dressers have their own aesthetic selection;

they are highly possible to support feminism;

they are less affected by the stereotyped gender roles.


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