Androgynous fashion in 20th century

In this modern society, androgyny must be a macro trend continual to future.

Androgynous fashion is coming to the forefront in a big way, and it may come with underlining commentary about where our society is heading. Or better yet, what it’s evolving towards.(Kormar, 2015) But this is not the first that androgyny fashion coming into our life. I just have evaluated some of androgynous fashion throughout the 20th century, and posted some pictures following the blog.

1910s: Coco Chanel Gave Women The Gift Of Pants


1930s: A Different Kind Of Hollywood Glamour


1960s: Yves Saint Laurent’s Emancipated Women


Late ’60s: The Peacock Revolution


1980s: Prince And Grace Jones Rocked The Boat


1990s: Grunge Blurred The Genders


2010s: We Do It All Over Again


In my opinion, gender restriction has outdated in the life, and how do you guys think about that?





Komar, M. (2015). The Evolution Of Androgynous Fashion Throughout The 20th Century — PHOTOS. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Dec. 2016].


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