A Short History of Modern Androgyny

In this modern society, androgyny is becoming more and more popular and accepted over the past couple of decades; and transgender people are now generally accepted in most cultures. A posts on Style Edit said, androgyny just showing characteristics of both sexes isn’t a new cultural movement which has just sprung up in the last few decades but rather something that has been held in high regards for thousands of years.

In addition, there is a just quick and short history story about androgyny. One of the earliest known androgynous characters that we know of was the Greek God Aphroditus who had all of the physical appearances of a female, and also wore the same clothes as Aphrodite but possessed one little extra appendage – a penis -. Recording to suggest that Aphroditus had been celebrated in Athens and around Ancient Greece from as early as 4th Century BC. A festival in his celebration was regularly held in Athens which allowed men and women to swap both clothing and traditional gender roles.



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