Gender Culture

Baker(2015) posted in her BBC News that we have seen ‘boyfriend dressing’ before – outsized, mannish jeans, sweaters, jackets and coats worn by women that are seemingly purloined from their male partner’s wardrobes. But now the moment of ‘girlfriend dressing’ has arrived too – at least in the rarefied circles of the fashion world. In addition for the devotedly fashion-conscious man, it is currently all about feminisation.


 When and why has androgyny seeped into the mainstream?

Looking back at 1920s, according to Cullen, it was a particularly defining moment. Moreovr she said ‘The look for women was very gender neutral with underwear designed to flatten breasts and a tubular silhouette, with hair bobbed short.’ , and the timing was no accident. In addition, functional trousers, brogues and boyish knitwear are all became popular garb for the British Land Girls during the World War Two.


Meadham Kirchhoff’s 2015 spring/summer collection at London Fashion Week


Baker, L. (2015). His or hers: Will androgynous fashion catch on?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Dec. 2016].


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