The Future of Androgyny

I saw a posts about androgynous future posted in 2015 and said ‘ If mixed gender runways and the visibility of trans models continue to push fashion in the same direction, the future of fashion probably won’t force designers to choose between showing their collections to buyers of either menswear or women-swear. But, for now, the gender binary still stands. Clothing that is described as “androgynous” is often just a skirt intended to be worn by a man, or a women wearing a smoking suit that’s been around since the late ’60s. This is the problem with things fashion sometimes views as gender-fluid — it’s not game-changing to cement a garment’s status as “masculine” or “feminine” by putting it on the sex it’s not frequently associated with.’ (Ongley, 2015)

Whatever in my opinion, androgyny must be a huge macro trend in the future.






Ongley, H. (2015). Beyond Androgyny: Fashion’s Most Innovative Designers Are Designing for a Gender-Neutral Future. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Dec. 2016].


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